*A Warm Welcome To Our Bethesda Healing Ministries, India*

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus!

My name is Aseervadam Pilli. I hailed from a respectable Christian family in a rural village named Tadigiripadu, India on the 7th of December, 1952. I came to Tenali town in 1969. My parents named Yohan & Mariyamma Pilli (John & Mary Pilli) educated me up-to Intermediate Course. By God's grace, while studying in College in the year 1970 I used to undertake tuition to about 10 children. Gradually tuition became a big school and it is a miracle. God did this wonder.

The Lord has in a miraculous way started using me since 1982. On 1982 August 29th I established Bethesda Healing Ministries in Tenali, South India by God's Powerful Calling. Since that day to until this day my family has been in God's great work by His great grace. Our God gave me Preaching, Healing, Vision, Understanding & Command upon evil spirits gifts for His work. God sent thousands of people to me, used His Gifts through me for His people, to share the word of God, pray and strengthen them according to His mighty plan. Since the date of starting God's service through me, He did many wonders, cured chronic diseases left over by doctors. Those People who confirmed to die have survived at our Ministries, by the abundant grace of our God. All these acts are done by our Lord, Saviour Jesus Christ and He was thus glorified.

In the year 1992 my wife named Bharathi Pilli died and reached the heavenly abode. We were having three children out of which two are male and one female. My first son is Jeevan Kumar Pilli, his wife is Sujana Devi Pilli, their daughter is Sindhu Bharathi Pilli; my second son is Jagadeesh Babu Pilli, his wife is Rajani Pilli & my daughter is Mary Priya Pilli.

Our Lord raised hundreds and thousands of saints & believers from this place and using some among them to render his mighty service. Lord is using me for his service in some hamlets, villages, towns, cities, districts and states in South India. While I've been thus rendering his service, Satan prevailed upon thereby the main bone of my right leg fractured in the year 1999. By Lord's abundant grace and love, the fracture got cured and the fractured bones set in motion with local available R.M.P. Doctors. I've been rendering the Lord's service among gentiles of Hindu Orthodox people. While doing His service, I received several criticisms, put to a lot of troubles as up-to now. Even though I have been continuing the same with courage, by His abundant love and power received through constant prayers. Glory to be our great God only. We love to pray for you and please pray for us. Father God Bless you richly.

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